Believing in Self

I always wonder if I'm the only one struggling with believing in myself. Turns out it doesn't matter, because if I don't believe in "I" then no one will. Lately I've been coming across all kinds of motivational quotes and articles but one tip I found just really stuck out to me. The article it came from talked about the difference between people who are essentialists and non-essentialists. Essentialism was the desired type for people who wanted to make smart, calculated, and controlled decisions about life. Not like stuck up or anything, but success on purpose. There are six tips in the article but the one that stuck out to me most was: Know the power of pausing for reflection McKeown sugges

Serena Changes Femininity for the Better.

A Positive Outlook on the NYT ‘exposure’ of women’s femininity issues Lets talk about age old issues that need to be abolished, one’s like the idea that a female athlete can’t get too much of an athletic body or else she’ll look less of a woman. GIVE ME A BREAK! Before I even go on, I will suggest that you read the supporting article, which you can find at this link: Referenced New York Times Article My issue is not with race, my issue is not with the fact of women being uncomfortable with their athletic bodies (I’ve been there), my issue is with the anti-feminism critics that fail to realize how “ever more” uncomfortable that article would make a young girl ,or even a woman, feel about buil

Why aren't people supporting you?

So lets start with what is important. Are you a supporter of anything? If your answer is “yes” then lets dig deeper. Are you a supporter of anything that does not benefit you? Now if you answered “yes” to that as well then we will go just a little more in depth. Are you a supporter of anyone but yourself? Some of us may have answered no to all of those questions, and if you did that’s ok too, but you are limiting your success. I’ll tell you why in just a moment. But if you are one of the few that answered yes to all of the questions, then I want you to ponder if you are truly supporting causes or people the way that you would like them to support you. If not then the last few sentences will


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