How to slay in bright colors (Without overdoing it)

Today marks the last day that your summer wardrobe will be dull! I agree that Bright colors can be scary... but they can be empowering too! And It's time for you to embrace them. In this post I want to share a few tips on how you can steal the show this summer in some of the hottest colors of the rainbow, without feeling like a bag of skittles lol. A BAG OF SKITTLES😂😂 👚👗👢👠💄💋 Some of our favorite safe colors are navy blue, burgundy, mustard, and rust, but we seldom show as much love to their cousins cobalt blue, hot pink, bright yellow, and orange. We avoid them for plenty of reasons, but most of those reasons can be overcome. HOT EXAMPLE🔥😉 You may have a hot pink top but you're no


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