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Why aren't people supporting you?

Updated: May 26

So lets start with what is important. Are you a supporter of anything? If your answer is “yes” then lets dig deeper. Are you a supporter of anything that does not benefit you? Now if you answered “yes” to that as well then we will go just a little more in depth. Are you a supporter of anyone but yourself?

Some of us may have answered no to all of those questions, and if you did that’s ok too, but you are limiting your success. I’ll tell you why in just a moment. But if you are one of the few that answered yes to all of the questions, then I want you to ponder if you are truly supporting causes or people the way that you would like them to support you. If not then the last few sentences will be for the “Yes’s” and the “No’s” alike. No matter if you are asking for support with finances, likes, attention, wisdom, prayer, or a new promotion, you have to realize that YOU. GET. WHAT. YOU. GIVE! And no I’m not talking about how hard you worked to make the presentation or website look good, or the amount of people you told, or how fly you think your promotion has been. I’m talking about the amount of people that you have genuinely supported to help them prosper! You want to prosper right? That is why you’re asking for help right? So just as Karma has brought that dollar back to you that you gave away 2 years ago, it will do the same for your support. No matter what kind of support it is. Just remember, someone had to support Oprah in order for her to make it where she is now. And look at all the supporting she’s done since! Not to mention all of the investors of the hit show “Shark Tank” that have used the support driven success that they have to help others gain the capital they need to expand their businesses! You never know who you may be supporting, or who may be supporting you just because you are generous. Always remember, Support is free. It’s the leader that’s sold separately. Be a supportive leader to gain a supportive following.


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