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Morning Motivation

Updated: May 26

Some mornings, like this one, are stormy, ugly, hard to handle, or just plain difficult. Whether it be in the physical sense or more mental. It's harder to get out of bed on these mornings because anything of importance becomes optional. For instance: "Do I really need this job", "The kids could really eat school lunch today" or "I'm an entrepreneur I can sleep in a little"! These are all things that stormy mornings can ignite, IF you don't practice morning motivation. Morning motivation is that quote or passage that you read every morning that reminds you of why you strive the way you do. Or visiting the page of your role model to get a better idea of what you should be doing with your morning. You could even get in front of the mirror with that bathing suit you've been trying to fit, and just encourage yourself to keep going! The motivational possibilities are endless, trust me! What I do is subscribe to motivational YouTube channels and watch a few videos whenever I'm feeling drained. Which can happen when you least expect it so it's good to have the app lol. Either way, I love you, so I want you to succeed! Find some motivation in the morning, and make sure it's overflowing with positivity.


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