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Hey Superwoman...

Updated: May 26

Whether you be Super-Mom, Super-Sister, Super-Wife, Super-Grandma, Super-Aunt, Super-Boss, or even Super-Friend. I’m talking about the woman or girl who is good at saving everyone but herself. The one who has all of the greatest tips, ideas, and solutions but can’t seem to find a way to utilize them for self. Today is the perfect day to talk about a topic such as this because every day that we go without talking about it, the more damage that is done. I’m talking about those feelings that you get when its time to solve your own problems and life suddenly seems out of control. When every thing seems like its working as a smooth machine, then one of your most important gears breaks. Think about this, When you’re the person who always saves the day, who saves your day?

The point that I want to get at here is that SuperWoman is a title that we give ourselves. We may not say it out loud but secretly we’re celebrating a victory when we get the babies to school on time even though one got sick on the way and you ran out of gas. Or when you stayed up all night helping a friend and didn’t study for that test, but you came through with a B+ anyway! We are amazing creatures! And thats me being modest lol. But we can’t build ourselves up on accolades, and the moment we slip forget about it all. Cut yourself some slack!

You’ll figure it out, but it won’t be by sacrificing yourself for others. Its all about balance. We find balance in any thing that is powerful. Think about yourself as a jug of juice. A full jug of juice is solid and tough. It can be at the bottom of the grocery pile and support everything else. But the moment that the jugs juice begins to go, the strength of that jug weakens. Thats us, we can’t give away all of our juice and think that we’ll still be able to support everything else. Its ok to help others as long as you vow to keep yourself FULL! You can’t support anyone if all your juice is gone juicy girl! That goes for everything. You can’t push someone reach their goals if your goals have not been met. You can’t encourage someone to get healthy if your health is failing. And you can’t love someone else if your not able to love yourself. Take today to sit down and write all of your goals, dreams, and desires in a special place. Right after you do that watch this video [Link Here], and continue with your day. I hope that in doing this you will realize that you are indeed Superwoman, not because you save everyone, but because you have the ability to. Keep your juice full and take care of yourself FIRST!




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