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How to slay in bright colors (Without overdoing it)

Updated: May 26

Today marks the last day that your summer wardrobe will be dull! I agree that Bright colors can be scary... but they can be empowering too! And It's time for you to embrace them. In this post I want to share a few tips on how you can steal the show this summer in some of the hottest colors of the rainbow, without feeling like a bag of skittles lol.



Some of our favorite safe colors are navy blue, burgundy, mustard, and rust, but we seldom show as much love to their cousins cobalt blue, hot pink, bright yellow, and orange. We avoid them for plenty of reasons, but most of those reasons can be overcome.


You may have a hot pink top but you're not sure what should be worn with it. I always say, grab your favorite pair of dark bottoms, then pair it with gold or silver jewelry and a pair of neutral shoes. That's a fool proof way to tip toe into the arena of bright colors.

Another mis-conception is that if you're too dark or too light skinned, certain bright colors are just off limits for you. That is not true! With colors it's all about off-setting what you have with what you want.



One way to ease pop colors in if you're curious about how your tone will look with new colors, is to focus on accessories, shoes, and bags. For you that could mean finding a bright yellow clutch and building your outfit around it. Or taking it a step further and making your bag and shoe the same bright color, that way you can get comfortable with the bright colors since they will have a little space between them. There are loads of bright bags, belts, shoes, and jewelry to experiment with until you get comfortable with being vibrant.

Now that you've conquered the basics, it's time to turn up the pop factor. Let's talk color blocking!

The Scoop:

💊💝👁‍🗨🇧🇩🇵🇼 Color blocking is basically when you take primary colors and pair them together to create killer combos. Though it's not limited to only primary colors, starting there is a way to experiment.

Color blocking is the ultimate way to bring your summer colors to life! So if you want to make a statement, CB'ing "Color Blocking" is the way to do it! Whenever I choose to CB I pull all of my fav bright and bold pieces out. I Lay them out on my bed and mix and match until I find a combo thats poppin. If all else fails, you can usually find color blocking shirts, dresses, jackets, or bags at your favorite retail store. It's just always more fun and affordable to work with what you have. The good thing about a busy outfit is that you can go subtle on the accessories. So if you've already achieved the look and you haven't chosen your shoes or bag yet, it's safe to choose a solid neutral color, that way you don't over do it. Check out my example below.

Your summer style is going to be LIFE!! Now you have no excuses when it comes to creating a bright vibrant look! Keep a look out for new blogs, and be sure to subscribe to IG @DeiLake & 😘

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