• Dei Lake

Melting Pot

So... A day or two ago I told my boyfriend I wanted to go to the Melting pot. Not knowing that I would need to scrape off a small piece of my life savings to do it lol. But great thing is, we took it out of his life savings not mine! (Total joke, it wasn't that expensive) Long story short, it was a spurt of the moment type of thing, but I would suggest an actual plan if it's somewhere you want to try. The menu has a great variety and multiple courses for the more experienced diner to indulge in. We were two seconds away from ordering dessert only, but decided to give some other items a try! The four course meals started at no less than $35.00 but we decided on a la carte since we weren't sure how big the portions were. Our starter...and ender, was the BBQ pulled pork fondue. It came with a medium sized bowl of bread, fresh vegetables, and Granny Smith apples (very different I must say). This was well over enough for the two of us. Since everything was paid for on a per person basis our total came up to just under $25 including his Rum. This actually surprised me since usually we don't get out of any restaurant under $40 😩! We had a very good experience, though I clumsily burned my hand on the fondue pot. Nonetheless we vowed to come back. It wasn't until we started our walk to the car that we realized we had forgotten dessert! What a bummer. Thankfully Sonic was right up the street. Half price shakes after 8 Yipeeee! 🍦🍧


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