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Bathing Suit Haul!

Updated: Sep 1

Hey Hey!! It’s been awhile but I come bearing gifts lol! I snagged all these bathing suits for under $100 TOTAL 😩😍 Y’all I have outdone myself this time. I will say, two of them have completely sold out and one has limited sizes, but I added all links! They restock all the time! Check out my honest review of each below, along with the link to purchase through my! 😘 Dont forget to tag me in your picssss, you know I love to see y’all flaunt!! 💃🏾

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Red Fishnet Detail: Love the fit of this one, but it’s not my fav. Only because I’m not a huge fan of red on my skin, but I’ll rock it!! It fits like a charm and has a snatch in effect! I would suggest it if red is your hue!

Floral Print Zipper Front: Loveeeee this suit! Always looked at these surf-esque suits but never made the purchase. I will now! It’s super flattering and you can add a little sexy with the zipper. Doesn’t show too much either! Definite buy!

Glitter Ring Belted One Piece: I was feeling so so about this one because my tata’s didn’t fill it out, so the sleeves were a bit annoying. I had to finesse it a bit! But the quality is surprising for the price! 😱 Y’all, this is a show stopper for the right person! Is it you?

Floral Print 3 Piece Suit: Fav alert!!! This one is in my top 3!! First of all, it comes with a matching headband which was CLUTCH! If I still had my short cut it would have be onnnn! But I definitely recommend this suit. I loved the long sleeves and the contrast of the bikini bottom with it!! Definite buy!

Black Contrast Mesh Long Sleeve Suit: This bathing suit has been giving me “Rich Wife“ vibes since before it got delivered lol! I love the sleeves AND the fact that it’s a one piece with a belt! Super cute and flattering but unfortunately not supportive at all!! 😫 I’m not even blessed in the chest and I was falling out! Cant stand a bathing suit I have to constantly adjust. Buy this one at your own risk. I would buy for pictures or for a cute day “laying” by the water 😉

Snakeskin Stripe Trim Bikini: Meh! That’s what I’ll say about this one. But I’ve noticed I’m coming out of my bikini phase. The design of this one is what sold me. And I can’t even lie, the quality is A1! It is a bit small in the back and front though, not for you if you have a fuller coota-pop! Lol 🤷🏾‍♀️ And the back is not as thin as a thong but not full coverage either. But it’s a GOOD bikini! Grab it if you’re into them!

Letter Graphic Bikini: Fav Alert!!! Didn’t think I would love this one as much as I do, but this netted top I grabbed awhile back just completed it! The colors are so on trend for my style right now, and I love the artsy nature of it. And out of all of them, it’s the softest which is weird lol. But I love it! Definite buy!

White Textured Belted One Piece: Y’all, this one was Sexyyyy! Probably why I love it but it wasn’t a fav. I can’t be too damn crazy out here 😂 But if your single or your man wants to see you in this GRAB IT NOW! I’m surprised it’s not sold out! Can be worn as a bodysuit too. The belt is a game changer, and it’s actually a belt that you can adjust which is uncommon. Has a real buckle and all. The gold just adds that POP! The quality is over the top for the price and it fits snug!

Sizing: I’m wearing a small in all the suits.

Hope y’all love these as much as I do! Treat yourself to something today. And dont forget to head over to my Instagram and show some love! @DeiLake 😉 #FashBoxx #DeiLakeDOTcom


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