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Tuxedo Inspired Look

Updated: May 30


The Spill:

I loved the way this dress looked on the site, but wasn't quite sure how it would be on. The fit did take a little getting used to. It doesn't hug all of the curves that dresses usually do. But the result was a "fit" that I'm not mad at! It made me feel flattered just by the way it draped my body. And the sleeves, TOTAL WIN! They are comfy for my arms, though I have slimmer arms, but I would still suggest it. This was definitely average quality, but for the style it's a must!

p.s It was awkward to iron lol!

Fashion Deets

Letter Print Clear Bag With Inner Pouch $7.66

Contrast Lantern Sleeve Double Breasted Blazer Dress $21.26

Open Rectangle Textured Drop Earrings $1.71

Top Bar Metal Frame Sunglasses $4.26

Total: $35.00

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Photography: Jamara Forbes @_ForbesVisuals

Makeup Application: Amber Smith @TouchedbyAmbre

Styling: Dei Lake @Dei Lake

Styling Services available for booking.

Stylishly, Dei Lake


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